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Faculty - One Stop Resource Guide: Embed Videos into D2L

One Stop Faculty Resources

Embed videos into D2L

The library mainly has 3 major general databases (Kanopy, Films on Demand, and Academic Video Online: Premium) for streaming videos. Then it also has Nursing Education in Video specifically for our students in the Health Sciences departments. See below how to get the links to embed these videos into D2L for your students to view. 

Listed below is the instruction on how to embed a video from all of the above mentioned video databases: 

Kanopy: Learn how to embed a video from Kanopy by clicking here: Embed a Video

Films on Demand

Academic Video Online: Premium

Academic Video Online: Premium: Play the video you need and click on Share (1) on top of the screen to get the Copy Embed Code (2) link to have the video embedded into your D2L page. 

Nursing Education in Video

Nursing & Allied Health Database for our Nursing students. 

After retrieving the video using the database, click on Embed on top of the screen to get to the box for the "Copy Embed Code" link to embed the video on your D2L page for students. See the screen shot below: