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Computer Science / CISCO / CIT: Websites

Computer science includes the theory, programming and engineering used to design and control computer systems. Students can also study practical applications of specific software and processes.

Websites  site dedicated to computer technology with news, reviews, and tutorials.

Digital  site with up to date technology information and reviews.  Especially good for computer system specifications and professional level reviews.  retail site with equipment specification information and good reviews by users and specialists in the field.  searchable non-profit organization website with helpful articles, videos, and tips on setting up and running a small business.

G2 Crowd—business software reviewed by business people.  Reviews authenticated to LinkedIn members.    

Technology Evaluation Centers—enterprise software advisory firm with multiple free reviews and evaluations.

Techradar: the home for tech buying guide:

Techradar (Microsoft Word alternatives):

ZDNet—website dedicated to news and reviews of technology used by businesses and organizations