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Nursing: Getting started ...

This guide will help you find information in books, eBooks, articles (from professional and peer-reviewed journals), and audio-visuals to assist you with research and study preparation.


This research guide will help you find information in books, ebooks, journal articles, and audio-visuals to assist you in your research and study preparations.

Please note this is only for research and educational purposes and not meant for medical advice.

Key Terms for Information on Nursing

TIPS: When searching the Databases, Catalog or the Internet

  •  Add key terms related to nursing: patient care, diagnosis, monitor, complications, care plans, symptoms, nursing assessment, patient education.
  • Combine any synonyms with OR and parentheses: (pregnancy OR obstetrics OR gestational); now add other key terms with AND between each term: (pregnancy OR obstetrics OR gestational) AND diabetes AND edema
  • ** Insert an asterisk after the root word to find all variations of a term: (pregnan* OR obstetric* OR gestat*) AND diabet* AND edema.

Starting your research

Articles from the library's online databases provide you with the most recent, scholarly, peer-reviewed and researched information from journals, magazines and reports in health science including Nursing. See the page titled Find Articles for detailed information and links to the article databases. 

Books / eBooks
Use books to get the detailed and historical data and background information on your topic.

Reference books
Use reference books like dictionaries and encyclopedias to get the basic ideas and the exact definition on a topic. We have online databases like STAT!Ref for medical specific reference books.

Web Sites
The web can be a great source of digital information hub if you select the right sources. Try using government and educational sites for scholarly  resources. Also try genuine primary information provided by professional organizations. Check out the sites we have added on the page titled Web Sites of this guide.