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Philosophy: Courses and Free Web

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APA Style7 Guide for References List and In-text citation

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Notes & Bibliography Citation Guide
This guide provides examples and tips on how to cite sources in the Chicago Notes & Bibliography style.

Notes & Bibliography Overview
View this handout for a more detailed explanation of how to use the Chicago Notes & Bibliography style.

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Courses and Free Web resources in Philosophy

Academic Earth - Philosophy
Academic Earth provides resources to open courses and many other resources

Crash Course Series: Philosophy
"Crash Course is one of the best ways to educate yourself, your classmates, and your family on YouTube!" Includes a variety of courses.

Khan Academy - Wireless Philosophy (Wi-Phi)
"Wi-Phi's mission is to introduce people to the practice of philosophy by offering lectures on philosophical issues and critical thinking concepts that are freely" available to all.

MIT Open Courseware- Introduction to Philosophy of Language
"This course explores the nature of meaning and truth, and their bearing on the use of language in communication. No knowledge of logic or linguistics is presupposed."

Open Culture - Philosophy
Features a growing list of free philosophy ebooks.

Open Learn - Philosophy
Free learning from the Open University

TED ED - TED Talks - Philosophy 
TED ED lessons on the subject Philosophy

Philosophy of Ethics - edX courses
Study the philosophy of god, political ethics and more with in-depth online courses from leading institutions. Explore the moral philosophy and thought process behind major decisions or learn about the science of everyday thinking.