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Diversity, Equity and Inclusion: LSC-Tomball Office: Diversity & Inclusion (D & I)

About the D & I office @ LSC-Tomball

"The Office of Diversity & Inclusion was established in Spring 2019 under the Office of Strategic Initiatives at Lone Star College-Tomball. Building on work done over the previous semesters, the Office of Diversity & Inclusion will support students, faculty, and staff within the campus to create an inclusive environment for all."

Find detailed information about the office of Diversity & Inclusion here:

Nov. 2, 2020.

D&I: Diversity Initiatives

Programs and Initiatives

"At Lone Star College-Tomball, we are committed to providing all students opportunities to find student resources that best support them academically and professionally. The following student services are offered at LSC-Tomball:"

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Nov. 2, 2020.

D&I: First of Many Initiatives

"The First of Many Initiative at Lone Star College-Tomball was created under the Office of Diversity and Inclusive in order to meet the needs of the increasingly diverse student population. A little over 60% of LSC-Tomball Timberwolves identify as First-Generation* college students. The First of Many Initiative aims to increase awareness to the First-Generation experience by fostering an environment of inclusive excellence."

Contacts: Join the First of Many Network here 


*First-Generation College Student; A student who is the first member of his or her immediate family to attend college or university; neither his or her biological or adoptive parents have attended a college or university.
Lone Star College, Analytics & Institutional Reporting (AIR)

Nov. 2, 2020.

"Through the Office of Diversity & Inclusion, the First of Many initiative will provide educational opportunities for the diverse student population at Lone Star College-Tomball by:

  1. Connecting First-Generation students to campus resources that will prepare them for the workforce or to transfer to a university
  2. Creating opportunities for First-Gen students to network with faculty, staff, and peers.
  3. Raising awareness of the First-Gen experience.
  4. Offering professional development opportunities to staff and faculty about best practices in supporting First-Generation college students.
Contacts: Join the First of Many Network here 

D&I: CLASS (Center for Leadership, Academic and Student Success)

The CLASS office is located in room W-103. Overview of CLASS


Jeremy Kirk
Brenda Fernandez
Advisor II
Katherine Hernandez
Staff Assistant II

René G. Arnold

Professional Development Coordinator III

Gloria Maristany - Faculty Fellow Gloria Maristany
Faculty Fellow


Nov. 2, 2020.

The Center for Leadership, Academic and Student Success (CLASS) is open to all students.


To support the increase of Hispanic and Underrepresented student enrollment at Lone Star College-Tomball, the Center for Leadership, Academic and Student Success (CLASS) was created with the financial support of an HSI Title V Grant provided by the Department of Education in 2016. Under the Office of Strategic Initiatives, CLASS will support students, faculty, and staff through various programs that engage, develop, and promote student success. 
Through the Title V Grant, Lone Star College-Tomball seeks to address three significant concerns:

  1. First time in college students do not have the requisite skills to successfully persist to degree attainment.
  2. There is a lack of opportunities for professional development for faculty and staff that increase awareness of the diverse needs of Hispanic and low income students and prepare faculty with teaching strategies that lead to student success.
  3. Decreases in revenues combined with increasing need for services prohibit LSC-Tomball from making necessary changes to improve student success rates.

Lone Star College has been named a top 100 college for Hispanics by Hispanic Outlook. Top 100 College for Hispanics by Hispanic Outlook


"The Center for Leadership, Academic and Student Success supports the Lone Star College mission of providing comprehensive educational opportunities and programs that enrich lives. CLASS is committed to identifying, developing, and providing uniquely tailored services that expand educational opportunities, enhance academic success, and holistically develop Hispanic and Underrepresented students."



"In support of the Lone Star College vision, CLASS will support an increasingly diverse student population, by offering purposeful and intentional services that support students from application to graduation or vocation. Being a focal point for student success, CLASS will continue to collaborate and support others committed to the awareness and success of these students. As a result, the Center for Leadership, Academic and Student Success will be the preeminent leader for the development and implementation of best practices for the advancement of Hispanic and Underrepresented students across community colleges."



The Center for Leadership, Academic and Student Success incorporates the following values in everything we do:

  • Respect - We respect each student and foster growth in a diverse and inclusive community.
  • Excellence - We strive for excellence in all endeavors as individuals and a department.  
  • Empower - We support students with necessary resources to cultivate innovative leaders.
  • Community - We create partnerships within our institution and community for the betterment of our students.
  • Service - We enhance our community through student led, staff supported, service projects.
  • Leadership - We are committed to the advancement of Hispanic and Underrepresented Students.


D&I: Inclusive Language

The Office of Diversity & Inclusion was established in Spring 2019 under the Office of Strategic Initiatives at Lone Star College-Tomball. Building on work done over the previous semesters, the Office of Diversity & Inclusion will support students, faculty, and staff within the campus to create an inclusive environment for all.

Inclusive Language  

Queer Terminology - From A to Q Be Mindful of Language


Nov. 2, 2020.

D & I Certification

Diversity & Inclusion Certification


"The Office of Diversity & Inclusion and the Center for Organizational and Teaching Excellence are excited to offer the Diversity & Inclusion certification program starting Spring 2019. LSC-Tomball is committed to the continual growth of their faculty and staff.  As a result, the certification program will be cohort-based. Additional information to follow." 

Find the details here:
Nov. 2, 2020.

D&I: Diversity Council

Lone Star College-Tomball Diversity Council
"In 2017, Lone Star College-Tomball established a Diversity Council, made up of students, faculty, staff, and administrators. The purpose of this council is to help shape and define what “diversity” is at Lone Star College-Tomball."

Nov. 2, 2020.

LSC-Tomball Current Projects

"Diversity Council Updates coming soon."

Nov. 2, 2020.

Council Members

  • Chinda Acosta - Academic Advisor
  • René Arnold - Coordinator, Professional Development
  • Christine Bradford - Professor, Geology
  • Irene Briggs - Coordinator, Outreach
  • Kristina Coen - Professor, EDUC
  • Flonisha Dames - Academic Advisor, TRiO
  • Anita Dann - Coordinator, Workforce
  • Laura Dupree - Professor, EDUC
  • Brenda Fernandez - Academic Advisor, CLASS (Title V Grant)
  • Patrick Gilbert - Professor, Government
  • Debra Hansen - User Services Manager, Technology Services
  • Virginia Haysley - Professor, Government
  • Katherine Hernandez - Staff Assistant, Diversity and Inclusion
  • Minara Karim - Coordinator, Diversity and Inclusion
  • Jeremy Kirk - Director, Diversity and Inclusion
  • Rosalin Lambey - Coordinator, Student Success Institute
  • Wendy Palmgren - Office Administrator, Strategic Initiatives
  • Van Piercy - Professor, English
  • Robbie Richard Rogers - Director, Extended Learning Center
  • Jill Riethmayer - Dean, Creekside Business and Industry
  • Maria Solis - Director, CE/CTE College Prep
  • Natalie Starks - Director, Admissions and Records
  • Sarah Stewart - Professor, lifePATH
  • Jackie Thomas - Chief Strategist
  • Jerrel Wade - Vice President of Administrative Services
  • Katerina Wingfield - Interim Dean, Academic Initiatives and Partnerships
Oct. 29, 2020.