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U.S. History since 1877: Print Books

This study guide provides options to start the research process of finding materials in US history. We have circulating books (that you can borrow), reference books (that you can use in the library only), electronic books (can read on the computer screen

Searching the Online Catalog

Search the LSCS Libraries' Online Catalog:

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Citation Help

APA Style Guide

APA Style7 Guide for References List and In-text citation

Chicago Style Manual

Notes & Bibliography Citation Guide
This guide provides examples and tips on how to cite sources in the Chicago Notes & Bibliography style.

Notes & Bibliography Overview
View this handout for a more detailed explanation of how to use the Chicago Notes & Bibliography style.

MLA Style Guide

Short list of books available in the library

Browsing the Shelves (2nd Floor)

Use the Library of Congress (LC) and Dewey Decimal (DD) system call numbers from the chart below to browse the shelves to find materials on the topics mentioned below.
Ask a Librarian if you need help!

Subject LC Call No. DD Call No.
North American History E 45 973
Indians of North America E 75-99 970.1
General United States history E 151-180 973
Military, Political and Diplomatic history

E 181-185

Colonial history

E 186-199

The Revolution 1775-1783

E 200-298

Revolution through early Nineteenth Century

E 300-398

The War of 1812

E 351

Mexican War

E 400-415

Middle Nineteenth Century, 1845-1861 E 415-440 973
Slavery E 444 973.71
Civil War period E 456-655 973.73
Abraham Lincoln E 457 355, 920, 973.8
Ulysses Grant E 672 355, 920, 973.8
Early Women's rights advocates HQ 1412 324
American voting rights history JK 1846 342
Military Leaders UB 210 973